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Here are a few photos taken around the NKJO Teacher Training College in Gorzów during the academic year 2005 and 2006. Click on the arrow buttons to see a different photograph taken at the college. If you're in one of these pictures and would like a full-size high-definition copy just let us know!

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The NKJO Gorzów Teacher Training College was established in 1991. The three year 'licenciate' (roughly equivalent to a B.A degree) teaching program is designed to equip English and German language students with the necessary skills to teach a foreign language in primary and secondary schools. Groups of about fourteen students stay together in the same group for the three years till graduation and follow a fairly fixed curriculum which includes the acquisition of practical language skills, and the study of related subjects such as: Culture; History; Linguistics; Literature and specialist courses in Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology. All NKJO students are also required to complete a number of hours of teaching at a local school during their third year. Generally speaking after graduation students then go on to study for a two-year 'magister' degree in either Poznan or Szczecin.

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